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From violin to harp

Music by J.S. Bach, F.Biber, B.Marini, A.Corelli

''A fresh, unusual and fashinating travel through time.

A good idea  for music lovers to listen to their favourite pieces under a new light!''

J.S. Bach, Biber, Marini, Corelli are four protagonists of baroque music that no one would associate to the harp. However, they worked in environments where the activity of harpists is widely witnessed, and where a repertoire for the solo harp, while it surely existed, was never written down.

Based on this premise, and after a deep research on original sources, an ambitious project is born. It suggests that the repertoire of the violin, which shares many idiomatic features with the harp, has long been a source of inspiration for harpists.

 Hence, here some of the most well known and virtuosic pieces for the violin have been adapted to the harp, giving a fresh second life to these compositions, drawing light to new shades and unexpected reflections.

Flora Papadopoulos, after important collaborations with some of the best known European ensembles of early music , debuts her first solo album. Through personal, highly experimental and empiric paths, she restores a fascinating musical practice that has been long lost.

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